Network policies are the rules established by Integrity Networks to ensure the highest quality of data network availability and bandwidth for our clients. Adhering to these policies benefits you and all of our customers.

Any equipment connected to the network that causes problems will be disconnected from the network until the problem is resolved or the equipment is replaced.
Any network equipment not installed by or with approval from Integrity Networks is in violation of Integrity Networks network policy. Integrity Networks will make every effort to work with the client to correct this violation.

To accomplish our mission and facilitate flexibility across the network, strict compliance with the network policies and standards is necessary.

Purpose of Notice: Integrity Networks makes its utmost efforts to keep your information, safe and secure. Integrity Networks created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of subscribers to the Services and of visitors and users of the network. The following discloses how we gather and use information on the Site and while you use the Service. We use the information we collect about you to create a more personalized online experience. By using Integrity Networks Web site (the “Site”) or Sites in its network (the “Services”), you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your information, as described below. Please read on for more details about our Privacy Policy. This policy may change from time to time so please check back periodically.

Integrity Networks will not disclose any of your personal identifying information with any third party except when we have your consent or
when we are required to disclose it pursuant to a court order or if requested by a law enforcement agency or other legal requirement or as described below.

Integrity Networks does not monitor in advance subscriber communication, e-mails or content distributed through the Service. By using the Service our subscribers acknowledge Integrity Networks is unlikely to be aware of violations of law or other misconduct by subscribers occurring through its Services. As users of the Service, subscribers bear full responsibility for the material they send via e-mail. As the recipients of e-mail or newsgroup postings, subscribers are responsible for using reasonable efforts to screen unwanted material and reporting any illegal communications to Integrity Networks . Integrity Networks may be required by law, court order, governmental agency or law enforcement authority to disclose a subscriber’s personal information that may include e-mail information temporarily residing on our servers. In addition, Integrity Networks may disclose a subscriber’s personal information to law enforcement authorities investigating suspected illegal activity or to its legal advisors in connection with a suspected violation of Integrity Networks Acceptable Use Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement or Software License Agreement.

Our network is protected by various security software, to add to that we always have staff monitoring our systems.

We use the standard Apache web server log for statistical measures. Therefore your IP address, Web Browser, etc will be logged. This information is never sold or given to any third party web sites or organization.

We are not responsible for whatever contents our external links may provide. However, we make sure it is legal and safe to browse through any web site.

Integrity Networks will immediately deactivate any offending reported web site and all web sites held by this user at the first report of any Spam/UCE activities. Sites deactivated for Spamming activities are permanently unavailable. Your web site may either link to our page, or may have the Integrity Networks. SPAM policy posted on it.

B. All related Integrity Networks accounts will be immediately terminated without the possibility of any refund whatsoever. Integrity Networks will refuse to service any customers with a Spam report history.

C. The offending user’s Integrity Networks account will be billed a $200.00 fine and will be turned over to the proper authorities.

* Sending any type of message to multiple parties by means of email or newsgroup posting will generate abuse/spam reports and render your site inactive.

* If there is any chance that your actions may generate Spam/UCE related complaints, it is recommended to avoid these actions as termination of your account is un-reversible.

If you have questions about mailings, posting, or other means of contacting internet users, ask now to prevent your site from being deactivated. Email support@integrityn.com now. We reserve the right to change/modify this notice at any given time.